Welcome to our New and Improved Website!

Posted by Shelley on 2014 Feb 16th

Welcome to our New Website!

Welcome to our new Website! We are in the process of building a snazzy new e-commerce website so you can order your supplies from the comfort of your own home. Please bear with us as we will add new items continually until the site is fully functioning with all our stock.

The History of Komarevich Originals

Komarevich Originals opened in Calgary Alberta in 1971. Mike Senior enjoyed making jewellery as a hobby and took the plunge into owning a store. He started selling his jewellery from the store. The next step was teaching his craft to others by teaching night classes at what is now knows as the Chinook College. A natural progression from teaching, was carrying the supplies and tools for Jewellery Making. Komarevich Originals has been an excellent resource for jewellery tools and supplies, beads, crystals and fossils.

Changing with the Times

Online shopping has become such a normal part of our society today. The convenience of shopping from your own home has progressed to shopping from your car on your smart phone! We see the need to keep up with the changing times and look forward to supplying the same quality items, from the convenience of our website.